What’s the useage of paper cups

The usage of paper cups
①The use of paper cups in food packaging
The basic purpose of paper cups is to hold beverages, and now we also use paper cups for dairy packaging.
②The use of paper cups in advertising
Many manufacturers and advertisers will design and print exquisite patterns on paper cups.
First, you can promote your products and let customers know and understand your products from these simple information.
Second, it gives people different drinking moods, conveying the symbol of a certain product with exquisite patterns, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. When people drink drinks, it also provides a platform for them to understand these new products.
③The use of paper cups in the preservation process
Paper cups only need to be at room temperature. Usually the shelf life of paper cups is 1-2 years, provided that the storage warehouse is dry and not humid, well-ventilated, and there are no volatile and toxic products in the warehouse.
The advantages of paper-plastic packaging

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