What’s the classification of paper

Papermaking is to disperse the prepared pulp to obtain evenly interwoven paper. Generally, paper products are divided into cultural paper, packaging paper, household paper, special paper, etc. according to the product use:

(1) Cultural paper covers all printing and writing papers, including newspapers, non-coated cultural papers (double-layer offset paper, writing paper, lightweight paper, electrostatic copy paper, etc.) and coated cultural papers (mainly coated Paper);

(2) Packaging paper covering all paper packaging materials, including cardboard (whiteboard, whiteboard, corrugated paper, cardboard, kraft paper, etc.)

(3) Household paper (toilet paper, paper diapers, etc.)

(4) Special paper.

Cultural paper refers to writing and printing paper used to disseminate cultural knowledge, mainly used to convey information and cultural inheritance, mainly including non-printed paper, printed paper, and printed newsprint.

Packaging paper refers to a general term for a kind of paper used for packaging purposes. It is generally used for the outer packaging of downstream household appliances, daily necessities, food and beverage, cigarettes and other industries. The main types of packaging paper are corrugated paper, cardboard paper, white paper and white paper.

Household paper is divided according to usage scenarios, and household paper is generally used for paper use in daily life scenarios. Judging from the structure of the household paper market segment, sanitary paper is the most important product of household paper. Assortment of paper.

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