What’s the differences between one side PE coated paper and double side coated paper?


1.The difference between single mask and double mask.

Single-sided PE coated paper cup: a paper cup made of single-sided PE coated paper.

Its appearance features are: the inner side of the paper cup filled with water has a smooth PE coating.


Double-sided PE-coated paper cups: Paper cups made of double-sided PE-coated paper.

Its appearance features are:both the inner surface and the outer surface of the cup are coated with PE.

2.the purposes are different.

Single-sided PE-coated paper cups are used for hot cups. There is a layer of PE-coated paper inside the cups to slightly insulate the heat. The most important thing is to prevent leakage.

Double-sided PE-coated paper cups are used for cold cups. There will be condensed water vapor on the outer layer of cold cups, which will deform and soften the cups. Double PE coated can increase stiffness and shape.

3.the quality is slightly different.

Compared with single-sided PE-coated paper cups, double-sided PE-coated paper cups are of better quality. The service life is longer, the cup body is more upright, and the relative cost is also higher.

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