How a paper cup produced?

  1. A paper cup is a kind of paper container made by cupstock paper. The appearance is cup-shaped.
  2. PE coating: the base paper (white paper) is coated with PE film by laminating machine. The paper on one side of the coating is called single-sided PE coated paper; the one coated on both sides is called double-sided PE coated paper.
  3. Slitting: Use a slitting machine to cut the coated paper into rectangular paper sheets (for the cup wall) and roll paper (for the bottom of the paper cup).
  4. Printing : use an offset printing machine or a gravure printing machine to print various patterns on rectangular paper.
  5. Die-cutting: Use a flat creasing and cutting machine (commonly known as a die-cutting machine) to cut the printed paper into fan-shaped pieces for paper cups (bowls).
  6. Forming: Automatically form paper cups (paper bowls) of various specifications you need on the paper cup forming machine or paper bowl forming machine. The operator only needs to put the fan-shaped paper cup piece and the bottom web of the cup into the feeding port. Fully automatic molding, out of the cup.
  7. Packaging: Seal and pack the prepared paper cups (paper bowls) with plastic bags, and then pack them into cartons.
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