What are the printing cfaft of paper cups?

In our daily life, we often come into contact with various styles of paper cups, among which are advertising paper cups with more patterns printed on them. As a new type of publicity mode for enterprises, advertising paper cups are used in various enterprises. By printing various designed patterns on paper cups, it can not only bring a good mood to the drinkers, but also promote the company well. Usually we print advertising paper cups, and the printing methods are various, and the characteristics of each different printing method are also different. Let’s learn about the printing process of advertising paper cups with the editor of Fuzhige.

  1. Offset printing, offset printing is to use the principle of oil and water to repel each other to print the pattern of paper cups, and to print advertising paper cups in this way. Its advantage is that the color of the pattern is full, bright, and high definition. Even the thin lines printed on the paper cup can be clearly displayed, which makes the appearance of the whole paper cup more beautiful. However, the paper cups printed in this way are not suitable for the food industry, and the offset printing ink is not very environmentally friendly, so it is better not to use the paper cups printed in this way for drinking water.
  2. Silk screen printing has better flexibility and applicability. It is more suitable for printing on soft items such as paper or cloth, and can also be printed on hard items, such as glass and ceramics. This method of printing will not be limited by the surface shape and size of the substrate. Paper cups printed by screen have certain limitations in handling gradients and image accuracy.
  3. Flexo printing is also called green printing because flexo printing uses water-based ink. When performing flexo printing, the structure of the machine is relatively simple, and the investment scale is relatively low. Compared with other types of printing methods, flexo printing is currently the most commonly used printing process in advertising paper cup printing.
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