What are the uses of disposable paper cups besides drinking water?

In our life, this kind of disposable paper cup is indispensable. It is a drinking utensil for people to drink water. Whether relatives and friends come to the house as guests, or customers come to the company to visit, they must use this kind of paper cup to drink water. For There are many kinds of this kind of disposable paper cups, which can be customized or adjusted according to your own needs, and its paper cups are very practical. Generally, after use, everyone just throws it away, which is not very environmentally friendly. So what can we do with disposable paper cups after we run out? Follow the editor of Fuzhige to understand.

  1. Make decorations:
    Paint it with various colors and small pictures, then thread it with a nice rope, and it looks beautiful on the wall.
  2. Plant flowers
    Who said that you must buy a flower pot to grow flowers, you can also use paper cups to grow flowers, some people just glue the paper cups up and plant them vertically. I think its appearance is too ordinary, you can wrap it with a piece of paper and decorate it, it looks beautiful and environmentally friendly.
  3. Pack snacks
    When there are guests at home who come to eat some small snacks before the meal, it is better to put a large plate than to share a glass. It not only looks good, but also makes the guests feel like enjoying the buffet at your home.
  4. Gift bag
    Squeeze the mouth of the cup and put it in with a rope. It can be made into a small gift bag, filled with a few candies, and given to the children who are guests at home. It is very popular.
  5. Lighting
    Disposable paper cups can be used as lighting and hung on the decorative wall, which is beautiful and beautiful, making the living room more pleasing to the eye.
  6. Gift box
    Paste a layer of cardboard on the outside of the paper cup; then cut three times from the mouth of the cup and fold it downward; then tie it with a colorful ribbon, and a simple and beautiful gift box with heart is made.
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