Application analysis of PE coated paper

*The definition of PE coated paper

PE coated paper is a kind of printing material that makes printing ink evenly adhere to the surface through special processing technology, and has excellent water resistance and chemical properties. PE Coated paper usually adopts double-sided coating or single-sided coating process, and is widely used in labels, stickers, brochures ,disposable containers and other printed materials in various industries.

*The usage of PE coated paper

  1. Stickers and labels: Laminated paper has excellent water resistance and abrasion resistance, and is often used in the printing of stickers and labels in the fields of automobiles, electrical appliances, and medical equipment.
  2. Packaging materials: Laminated paper has strong chemical resistance and water resistance, and is often used as packaging materials for packaging food, medicine and other chemicals.
  3. Battery separator: Laminated paper has excellent porosity and chemical resistance, and is widely used in the manufacture of separators in the battery industry.
  4. Pharmaceutical packaging: Laminated paper has the characteristics of high opacity, good water resistance, and strong heat resistance, and can be used for packaging and label printing of pharmaceuticals.

*Classification of coated paper

  1. Single-side coated paper: only one side is coated with film, which is often used for printing packaging surfaces, stickers and labels.
  2. Double-sided coated paper: both the surface and the back are coated with film, which is often used in printing pharmaceutical packaging, battery separators and other fields.

*Matters needing attention in printing coated paper

  1. Coated paper usually needs to be pre-treated, such as roughening, crossing, etc., to enhance ink adhesion.
  2. When printing coated paper, it is necessary to select inks suitable for its special characteristics, such as inks with chemical resistance, water resistance, abrasion resistance and other characteristics.
  3.  Pay attention to curling, curling and other issues when printing coated paper, and pay attention to thorough drying after printing to avoid affecting the printing effect.

To sum up, coated paper is a printing material with broad application prospects. Its waterproof, wear-resistant, and chemical-resistant properties make it widely used in stickers, batteries, medicine, food and other industries. Proper use of coated paper and attention to printing skills will bring better printing results to various industries.

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